The Taxicab Act of 1985 was written to stabilize and simplify the taxicab industry and in to insure a fair rate of return to those who had invested into the industry.  It also created the agency (DCTC) which was to regulate the industry.  However the board members, including the chairperson, were put forth by the mayor and confirmed by the city council, which left a void in the democracy process because the taxicab industry was deliberately left without an answerable voice.  The qualifications of the board members were highly questionable to a nonfactor.  The DCTC was legislated to be similar to that of the D. C. Lottery Board, being independent from political interference of posturing or other industries which share the same target market.  Forgetting the intent of the Act of 1985 was the first misstep.  Since the inception the DCTC, interferences and control mechanism have been the downfall of the agency, starting with the selection of every board member to every staff position who manage the day to day function of the agency.  They have been either under or not qualified for the position that they fill.  There was seldom a time that the focus of the agency was on the service to the riding public or insuring a fair rate of return to the investors.  One of the most important functions of the agency has seldom been addressed, the adequate number of taxicabs needed to serve the city.   The One Stop Center (DCTC) that was envisioned by former City Councilwomen Betty Ann Kaine never materialize, forcing taxicab drivers to suffer every tag and face card renewal.  There is a continuous disconnect between every agency that interfaces with the DCTC, such as  the District of Columbia Inspection Station and the Office of Administrative Hearing.  The DCTC has constantly over the past four years created rules and regulation that override District and Federal laws.  The most blatant has been the stopping of taxicab drivers without probable cause and the ticketing and towing of their vehicles for not having proof of insurance by hack inspector of the DCTC and the Metropolitan Police Department.


NO to forcing customers to Watch commercials that the Mayor and Mary Cheh have chosen..

IF it is hard for you to believe that this is happening in America you are not alone we did not believe it either. Download the bill and read it for yourself.

Mayor Gray's and Mary Cheh's Bill

Better still watch the video it makes you question as to who is representing the district.

The Mayor and Mary Cheh are trying to take the business away from individual cab owners, and give it to some large corporation or individual. They have been scheming this for some time now. Given the how DC Government high officials are either in jail or under FBI investigation; it makes one wonder what is going on behind the scene.
The Mayor and Mary Cheh are trying to take the business away from individual cab owners, and hand it to their corporate friends/individuals. They have been scheming this for some time now.

To many of the immigrant drivers who escaped dictatorships and confiscation of their hard earned wealth the following phrase in Mayor Gray's & Mary Cheh’s bill:

…” a) Section 2 (D.C. Official Code § 50-301) is amended as follows:

  1. Paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), and (h) are redesignated as paragraphs (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), and (8). (2) The newly designated paragraph (1) is amended by striking the word “taxicab” and inserting the phrase “public vehicles-for-hire, particularly by taxicabs,” in its place.

sounds very familiar to the way the dictators in different parts of the world have confiscated their properties.  Many of them have expressed outrage that these bill is targeting minorities and immigrants just like many of the regimes in these other countries are taking away the rights and properties of other ethnic groups and giving it to the ethnic group who happen to be in power.  All the new draconian rules and regulations that they are proposing while at the very some time allowing others to take the business away from the cab drivers by bending over backwards to allow them to exist with almost no regulations.

The Mayor’s and Mary Cheh's bill will force even small and medium sized companies to abandon the business because there is no way they can afford to implement the new requirements.

By now it should be clear to all that Mayor Gray and Councilwoman Mary Cheh are working together to take the business away from Cab drivers.

Please come to the office to take some flyers to distribute to the public as well as other drivers.  We might not have the money that the people who are trying to take the industry away from us, but we do have the numbers.  We vote and we late the public know who they are voting for.

Dominion of DCPTD would like to thank all those who participated in the meeting yesterday.  Thanks for making a very successful beginning of a new and relentless struggle to protect our rights in the nation’s capital. If we keep this up, we have no doubt that we will be successful.
Remember just like we worked hard to have them elected we can work hard to have them unelected.  In our opinion and as it is visible from what they have been doing and saying, they intend to take the business away from us and sale it to the highest bidder.

United we will win.

(We will have a Video of the meeting posted soon.)

Please download what they are proposing, read it and call us with your comments.

Also please read Mr. Spooner's presentation (See the link below).

2011 12 20 DC Taxicab Commission Service Improvement Am Act Discussion Draft” in pdf


2011 12 20 DC Taxicab Commission Service Improvement Am Act Discussion Draft” in MS Word.

If you do not have pdf you can download it from “Adobe Reader
It is very important that we read this and prepare for war, because that is what they have declared on individual Drivers and small Cab Companies.

As you all know today there was a full Taxicab Commission Hearing. The following is a testimony presented by Mr. Roy Spooner. Click the link and read it.

Mr. Roy Spooner Sr at The DCTC Hearing of Proposed Rule Title 31 Section 6 

The DC City Council is held a hearing on Wedensday February 22, to evaluate the DCTC. You can watch the event here by clicking the date.

For those who missed the Hearing on January 30, Click here to watch or download

The Opinion page of today's (January 15, 2012) Washington Post, has an article by a local blogger DAVID ALPERT of the blog Greater Greater Washington. Go to the link below.

January 15th., 2012 Local Opinion

Our Industry is under attack, both from within and outside forces.

Read Washington Post Metro Section, article at the following link:

Uber car impounded, driver ticketed in city sting

You now can catch TheFightBack Saturdays from 9-10 p.m. on We Act Radio 1480 AM WPWC. The new station is getting its wings and the signal is touch and go at times, but you can listen live at WeActRadio.com. The show will be archived at TheFightBack.org.

Please tuine in and listen. Whale at The Fight Back site read "City Officials Meet with Taxi Industry’s 1%, Not Drivers: Taxi Chair Has Credibility Problem".

On Monday December 19, 2011 Mayor Gray, Council Woman Marry Cheh, Council Member Tommy Wells and DCTC chair Ron M. Linton presented their idea of improving the DC Taxicab industry. You can watch the News conference by clicking the link below.


You can read what The Washington Post said on Tuesday here.

Read the Washington Post Article On Sunday December 18, in The Metro Section:

Wahington Post, Sunday December 19, 2011 page B3


When we asked the drivers the answer was an overwhelming NO NO NO .....................

To see the truth go to the link below and read what they are proposing.

DCTC Proposed "Petition for Taxicab Fare Adjustment and Rulemaking


While at it read the Washington Post article today (December 14, 2011in the Metro section)

Washington Post December 14, 2011

DCTC has posted a proposed rate change

The DC Taxicab Commission has posted a rules change proposal. You can read or print the proposed changes at the following link.

DCTC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Taxi's in Arlington getting a raise

Washington Post Metro Section, November 20, 2011 It is good information source but it would have been a lot more powerful if the rate was included in the articles.

Thanks to Mr. Roy D. Spooner of Yellow cab we are now able to present you with the regional study that Yellow Cab DC did and the proposed changes to the rate.

We are grateful for the hard work of Mr. Spooner.

To see how DC fairs in the major US cities read the link this. How does your city fare

Peter Whoriskey of The Washington Post
(November 6, 2011 Business Section G1)

The Washington Post Business Section G1


DCTC has again chosen to deal with issues that are harmful to us. Instead of trying to stabilize the industry by making sure that we get a fair return on our investment they are now issuing tickets for not displaying The Gas Surcharge, The Fair Adjustment and Passenger rights. Please download the files by clicking on the following links and print them in color and display them in your cabs to avoid unnessary hackinspetor tickets.


DCTC is calling for a special meeting on December 13, 2011 in the Old Council Chambers at 441 4th Street, NW, at 10 am.

Click here for the link

We will post the link to the Ajenda as soon as they make it available.


As if it wasn't enough that the DC Government is robbing us on every fare we run, we are also being threatened by robbery of another kind. Read today's Washington Post Metro section, page B3. You can also click the following link.

Washington Post Saturday Novem.26, 2011

A call to CAB DRIVER'S who have had problems with Police, Hack inspectors or at the Inspection Station:

Please bring us copies of the information to the DCPTDA Office
(2417 Evarts Street, NE, 2nd Floor, Washington DC 20018)
If you are unable to come bye please fax or e-mail the information to the following:

Fax:- (202) 832-1774
e-mail: info@dcptda.org
We are trying to collect enough information to make our case about the harassment drivers face daily as they are trying to bring their service to the community, and at the some make life bearable for their family.

DCTC breaking it's own law

According to DC CODE § 50-317 (2010) DCTC Panel on Rules and Rates was supposed to “undertake a review of the taxicab rate structure” every 24 months, after the introduction of the meter system in May of 2011. It is now close to 42 months instead the proper study and implementation of a long overdue raise; they changed the game and DCTC demanded that if Driver's wanted a raise they were to present a proposal. Two outstanding individuals, Mr. Nicholas A. Maxwell (an Independent Cab Owner/Operator) and Mr. Roy D. Spooner (Yellow Cab) step up to the plate and presented their proposal. Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Spooner have kindly agreed to share their proposals with us and we thank him for that. You can read the proposals by clicking on their respective names below.

On November 9, 2011 The DCTC held a hearing on the motion to amend the Taxicab Rate in DC based on the two proposals.

We hope they now have no reason to deny drivers a raise that should have come two years ago.

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Washington, DC 20018
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Councilwoman Mary Cheh